Tackling Technique

A few years ago I attended a clinic talk by Mickey Andrews, the Defensive Coordinator at Florida State. He talked about the 5 Don’t of Tackling Technique. Proper tackling technique is among the most critical football fundamentals for your defense. Here are 5 Don’t of Tackling Technique:

  1. DON’T take a bad angle.
  2. DON’T duck your head – look at your target and tackle with your eyes.
  3. DON’T over-extend.
  4. DON’T be passive with your hands and arms.
  5. DON’T stop your feet.

I hate the idea of teaching kids “DON’T” do something. Without fail, the “don’t” is the first thing they do. But Coach Andrews pointers are good points for teaching football tackling technique. Make sure your kids aren’t doing any of these things!
Tackling Technique at Florida state
Good tackling technique requires that you get to the ball carrier by taking a proper pursuit angle. Keep your head up and eyes on target both for safety purposes, and to see your target.Keep your hips under your body for added power and ability to adjust your angle quickly. Shoot the arms up through the ball carrier with explosive violence, and climb the body. Run your feet through the tackle, and drive the ball carrier. For more on teaching tackling technique, read my post on Progression for Teaching Tackling.


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