The 8 Keys of Defensive Line Play

If you are preparing to teach your Defensive Line next year, make sure you cover all of the bases. We need to be sure that we are teaching everything our defensive linemen will really need, and nothing that they do not.

You should make a position manual for every position with great detail on the techniques, drills, and coaching points for the position. Take time and take pride in producing this manual. Position coaches should each make their own position group’s manual, if at all possible. Then the DC or OC, and Head Coach, need to look over them in detail.

There are 8 things that a Defensive Linemen must do in order to be successful. I am sure to include these whenever I have put together a Defensive Line manual. Other techniques can be taught, but they are not absolutely necessary.

8 Points of Defensive Line Play

1. Stance

Stance is the starting point of every play. Our players have to live in a great stance. When players get tired and lazy, the first thing to go is their stance. So stress it!

Spend a ton of time teaching the stance. Start every day with a stance and start drill, where players get into their stance and then fire off the ball. The key is to check their stance, while getting them warmed up with the fire off. The fire off should just be a quick 5 yard sprint.


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