Should you Flip Your Defense?

To flop or not to flop, that is the question. And it really is an important decision when you are designing your defense.

When you look at your players, you probably see a weak side Defensive End, a strong side Outside Linebacker, a Field and Boundary corner… but can you really afford to do all that running around?

Why to Flip

Flipping the defensive positions based on strength of the Offensive formation started as a way to keep teaching simple.

Rather than having to teach a Defensive End to play either lined up either inside a Tight End or outside shade on a Tackle, you could teach him to always align to the strength, meaning he spent all of his time on the Tight End.

The teaching got simpler, as players had to know less about the entire game, and more about their own little piece of tunnel vision. It became easy to know very little about the game while still being a very good and knowledgeable player about your own position.


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