Setting the Edge of the Defense

How often do we see offenses with superior speed simply run around the defense? If the running game gets to the perimeter, and no defensive player sets an edge on the play, it turns up the sideline for big time yardage. A sound football defense has players who are responsible for setting the edge.It does not matter what you call this. You could refer to it as the contain player, force player, box player, or any other term. But the job is simple. Set the edge of the play, the point at which the offense cannot get outside.This player must take on all blockers and ball carriers with his inside shoulder and leg. He will keep his outside arm free at all times. The player looks to set the edge as tight as possible to make a smaller field for the offense to work with. A player should not compromise his toughness and physical effort just to remain outside. He must set the edge with aggressive play, squeezing the ball carrier back to the inside.All other players are attacking 2nd level blockers (backs, pulling linemen) with their outside shoulder and leg into their inside half, forcing the play to bounce outside.


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