Overload Stunt from the 3-5-3

The most difficult part of running the 3-5 Defense is deciding how to effectively use your stunts.

The first thing to know is whether you are blitzing to get to the Quarterback and stop the pass, or blitzing to stop the run. They require two different style of play call, and ideally two different styles of play from your linebackers (or any other blitzer).

I’ll talk about some of the differences in a run blitz and a pass blitz for us later, its more fun to get right to some of the big-time fun blitzes. With all of the excitement about the Zone Blitz, the 3-5-3 is made for it.

In fact, we started running the Zone Blitz without even realizing what we were really doing. We would have a 3-deep, 4-under coverage (Cover 3). We had a 5-under coverage, but it was less than 10% of the time that we would not bring at least one linebacker.

In any case, when we wanted to bring two linebackers, a 5-man pressure, we had to take care of the coverage. Well, you can either leave a hole in the zone, or you can adjust to fix it. It really just makes sense to adjust to the traditional 3-deep, 3-under Zone Blitz.

Players communicate with each other when they are going, and if someone outside of them is blitzing, they take his zone. So if the Lion (Left Inside backer) gets a call from the Sam, the Lion now takes the flat cover zone!

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The Lion communicates that he is gone to the Mike, who takes the Hook-Curl Zone over there. Now, if he gets a call from the other side too, he’s come back to the Middle of the Field. The only thing he needs to recognize now is – who is the most dangerous man to the M.O.F.?

Drop toward him – usually a Tight End poses this threat.Anyway, here is an example of one of my favorite stunts. This is an Overload stunt, designed to stop the pass and get pressure on the Quarterback.

We’re bringing more than they can block, and still sticking to our rules that the stacked players share gaps. This is the WAM Stunt, in which the W tells the Will to go, and the M tells the Mike to go.


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