What’s the Difference? Odd Fronts vs. Even Fronts

3-4 DefenseWe’re continuing the Defensive Coaching Basics video series, this time focusing on the difference between Odd Fronts and Even Fronts. Unfortunately, like so much other terminology in football, there is no clear cut definition.

Instead, we look at the most commonly accepted definition of an Odd Front and an Even Front. Then we talk about some basics of each type of front.

We’ll be taking a look at examples of Odd Fronts including the 3-3-5 Defense and the 3-4 Defense. Then we’ll look at some common Even Fronts like the 4-3 Defense and the 4-2-5 Defense.

Finally, we’ll look at some defenses that do not exactly fall into either category. These will include the 46 Defense, or the Bear Front, and the Double Eagle Flex Defense. Neither defense can be cleanly placed in the Odd or Even Front categories.

Just like anything else, what you decide to call your defense is up to you. It really does not matter as long as the message gets through to your players. But understanding these basic terms will help you communicate and understand what other coaches are talking about as you travel on your coaching journey.


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