Speed Kills! So Fight Fire with Fire...

Maximize your Defensive Speed with the 3-3-5 Defense to Cover the Entire Field and Shut Down Any Opponent!

There’s one thing every defensive coach knows. We can never have enough SPEED on the field!

Offenses today are constantly trying to take advantage of your slower athletes, and get their speed into open space on the field. What can we do to fight back?

With the 3-3-5 Defense, you can fight back and WIN. You can maximize your speed on the field. You will cut down on the open space that on the football field.

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You Need a Flexible Defense. The 3-3-5 Defense Gives You Maximum Flexbility!

The 3-3-5 Defense can be adjusted and adapted each week to face any offense you see – Spread Option, Wing-T, Air Raid, Double Wing, Splitback Veer… you name it, the 3-3-5 Defense can stop it.

Why is the 3-3-5 Defense so flexible?

  • By using only 3 Defensive Linemen, who are quicker and more athletic than traditional linemen, everyone on the field can run.
  • Our Inside Linebackers need to be able to run, but they have protection from the guys up front. Because of the slanting nature of the front, Offensive Linemen can’t run to the 2nd Level until they check to ensure the front is secure.
  • The Overhang Safeties are our best athletes. They’re put in the most conflict by the offense. Start here with your top football players and fill in the rest. If these guys can play, you’re set.
  • The blitz package is simple to install. Once your blitzes are in, use different stunt and blitz combinations to create the ideal front you would want to run against anyone – no more Defense of the Week! It’s all in your package already.
Don’t Get Blitz Happy. Blitz with a Purpose.

3-3-5 Defense BlitzThe 3-3-5 Defense once had a reputation for being run by blitz-happy madmen who were running massive combinations of blitzes. I’ve been there.

Today, the trend is towards less blitzes. We’re usually bring one guy and running a pattern reading defense behind the front.

Your players get used to running simple blitz combinations, with just a couple of more aggressive Zone Blitz or Man Blitz schemes. They know their keys. They know how to read and diagnose the play. They get to the point of attack in a hurry.

In the 3-3-5 Defense, you blitz with a purpose. You blitz to attack a weakness, or because of a tendency. You blitz to get a player moving forward or to create a look that you like against a certain formation. But you always blitz with a purpose.

Pattern Reading the Cover 3 Coverage – Stop Covering Grass!

The worst thing we can see as defensive coaches is a passing attack that is picking apart holes in our zone coverage. By using Pattern Read concepts, we can limit the holes that are in the zone.

We’re covering men, not grass. We’re going where the ball is going to be thrown, not to random space on the field.

3-3-5 Defense defending BootlegPattern Reading involves plenty of repetitions against top passing concepts in practice. It also takes a solid commitment to communication. We’re giving you all of the communication and plenty of examples on defending various route combinations.

Because many coaches do not have as much time to install Pattern Reading, Coaching Football’s 3-3-5 Defense includes a complete description of the installation of a Spot Drop Cover 3 as well. Youth Coaches who have limited resources and face a somewhat less substantial passing attack can use the Spot Drop Cover 3 to install their defense in a timely manner and get back to focusing on fundamentals.

The Answer is Already In Your Playbook.

Maximize the speed on the field. Focus on the fundamentals. Cover receivers, not grass.

You do not have to spend your valuable coaching time every week installing something new. All of the answers you need are in your 3-3-5 Defense package.

Would you be better in an Over Front against this week’s opponent? Stunt to it. Under front? Call it from the sidelines. You have that flexibility with the 3-3-5 Defense.

The best part is, you’re able to stunt and blitz to your best defensive look, without having to explain it to your players. They know how to stunt, how to blitz, how to read and how to get to the football.

And the coach just has to do his job – make the play call.

Keep it Simple! Confused Kids are Slow.

Coaching Football's 3-3-5 DefenseYou don’t want to spend a lot of time installing your defense, making adjustments, moving players around, or changing their reads and keys.

You certainly don’t have time to install a new coverage every week, or change the run fits for each play.

Limit how much information your players need. In the 3-3-5 Defense playbook, they’ll need to know…

  • How to line up. The 3-3-5 Defense uses just one front.
  • How to read your keys. Each player has clearly defined keys to get their run-pass read and diagnose the play quickly.
  • How to stunt and blitz. Players have to know the proper footwork on stunts. Linebackers need to know the difference between run blitzing and pass blitzing. Then we can cut ‘em loose.
  • Coverage Responsibilities. Who’s checking who first, where does the Free Safety need to lend his help, and how to communicate and pass off routes with our Pattern Reading Cover 3.

Once that’s all done your defense is installed. We’re ready to roll. Coaching Football’s 3-3-5 Defense will give you all of the information you need.

Once you communicate the information to your kids, the defense is installed. Your kids know what to do and they have confidence. And confident kids play fast.

Start Making Your Defense Better, Right Now.

Coaching Football’s 3-3-5 Defense is a complete installation manual for your 3-3-5 Defense. We’ve kept the defense simple, so you can get it installed quickly and start making your defense more effective today.

The 3-3-5 Defense helps you…

  • Get more speed on the field.
  • Keep it simple so your kids can play confident.
  • Be flexible enough to defend any offense you’ll face.
  • Quit covering grass and start covering receivers.
  • Have a full blitz package at your fingertips, but use only what you need each week.

If you’re ready to get started with the 3-3-5 Defense, you can get your Coaching Football’s 3-3-5 Defense eBook right now. This is a 120 page eBook that you will have available to download instantly to your computer.

Save it to your hard drive to read any time on your computer, or print the manual out and put it in a binder to store on your shelf. But get started now!


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