Defending Outside Zone in the 3-4 Defense

We had a question in the forum about defending the Outside Zone, or Stretch play, out of the 3-4 Defense. No matter what defense you are running the Outside Zone has to be defended the same way.

We’re going to take a look at some shots of the San Francisco 49ers defending the Outside Zone against the Baltimore Ravens. The 49ers are running a 3-4 look against the Ravens on a 2nd & 7 when the score was 28-23 late in the 3rd Quarter.

Understand that the principles we’re talking about here apply to just about any defense, not just the 3-4 Defense. Before we start, let me remind everyone that I know the players have names, I just don’t care! If you want to watch the play yourself I suggest you check out NFL Game Rewind.

The Ravens motioned to a Trips Closed formation. The 49ers had run the short side corner over to the 2 receiver side. Obviously there’s a lot of game planning and chess gaming going on when you have 2 weeks to prepare for the biggest game of your life. As the Ravens motion a receiver across, the 49ers shifted their defense.


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