Defending the Wing-T Offense in the Under Front Defense

Just keep in mind going into this… I am an amateur enthusiast of the Wing-T. We will scout the opponent to see what they do best in the Wing-T Offense, and make our game plan accordingly. But I love the offense, and so half the fun of writing this article was drawing up the best I could, a Wing-T Offense.

In my interview with Jerry Gordon, author of Coaching the Under Front Defense, I asked him how he would defend the Wing-T Offense. “In my opinion,” Coach Gordon stated, “The Under Front is the greatest front for the Wing-T.” He’s absolutely right.

The Under Front is what we have used for several years when facing the Wing-T Offense. The defense creates tough angles for some of the top plays in the Wing-T Playbook, one’s that your opponent might be expecting to run if they’ve seen you lined up in something else (like our 4-3 Over Front Defense) for the past few weeks playing Spread teams.

If you already use a 4-3 Defense attack with lots of bending and wrong arming, you’ll be in great shape against the Wing-T Offense. While the Under Front creates the look of a reduced 50 Defense, it uses 4-3 Defense principles that will be tougher for the Wing-T Offense to handle.

Using the Under Front to Stop the Wing-T Buck Sweep Play

My primary reason for liking the Under Front is that it just creates tough angles for the best plays. Take a look at the Buck Sweep, which looks to kick out the last man. This is the feature play of the very popular Wing-T Buck Series.

We invert the Safety in our Quarters Coverage, and walk the Corner back to stay over top of a vertical release. When the Safety reads the down block by the Wing, he will be squeezing the air out.


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