Defending the Screen Pass

The screen pass is one of football’s most popular plays, and for good reason. There’s no better way to slow down the rush of the Defensive Linemen, and the Linebackers, but throwing a screen pass in the middle to your running back.

Running the Screen Pass

The screen pass is so effective because the Defensive Linemen get a quick pass read from the Offensive Linemen and are anxious to get to the QB. The Offensive Linemen release them, and work upfield to take on the Linebackers. Meanwhile, the QB is bailing out, getting distance between himself and the line of scrimmage (and the unblocked linemen!)The Linebackers are in trouble because they’re either coming hard on a blitz, and running into the same problem the Defensive Line is, or they’ve dropped off 10 yards deep on a pass read. They’re sitting ducks there for the Offensive Linemen.The Running back sets in just behind the Line of Scrimmage (making it legal for the pass with the linemen down field), and catches it in open space with 3 big boys in front. (see Screen Pass Diagram 1)Middle Screen Pass to Running Back


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