Defending the Power

I want to take a look at the Power running play out of the I Formation against the multiple fronts we’ve been talking about – 3-4, 4-2-5 and 4-3 Defense. This all is sparked by my curiosity about how this style of team would handle a 3-4, so if there are any 3-4 guru’s out there could you please enlighten me!

The power is extremely effective when it is run properly, and there’s no reason to waste time on stopping it when the play is run poorly. It seems to me that the best teams that run the Power are hitting the play tighter to A gap than they are hitting C Gap. These are true power running teams. They’ll get your Defensive End crashing down hard, occasionally hooking him or running a toss around him to keep him honest.

We’re going to look to spill regardless of the front, with the Safety being responsible for boxing the play in our two-high defensive secondary (and he’s the same guy rolled down as the OLB on the 4-2-5 front). I didn’t bother with naming the players as they would be called in a multiple front defense because my only concern was looking at how each front would be blocked and what is most advantageous.

Power vs. The 4-3 Defense


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