How To Defend the Jet Sweep Offense

If you’ve coached a football game in the last 5 years, you’ve probably had to defend the Jet Sweep or Fly Sweep. This is a great play, and good coaches are going to have plenty of counters to keep you from overplaying it.

While I’m aware of the intricate differences between the Fly Sweep and Jet Sweep, from the defensive standpoint we’re going to consider them the same. You can add a comment and tell me why that’s wrong, I welcome it.

Rolling with Motion

One of the first things defensive coaches see when we look at the Jet Sweep (or Fly Sweep), is that we should just roll with that motion. Start in a 2-high safety look, and roll down to the side they motion to.

After all, if they’re doing it from Doubles, they’re going to wind up in Trips and you need another guy over there anyway.

Defending the Jet Sweep by rolling down a safety

Rolling with the motion is sound. It becomes tougher when they line up in Trips and jet sweep away from the Trips. If you pre-roll to the Trips, when they go into Jet Motion, you’ll have to roll over the complete opposite way. Instead, keep the 2-high shell. This is one of the advantages of Quarters coverage and the Survivor Check.Learn more on the 4-3 Defense and Quarters Coverage


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