Defending Inside Zone with 3-3-5 Defense

There’s a belief among some coaches that the 3-3-5 Defense can’t stop a good running game. Some believe that it is only worthwhile against Spread teams that are airing it out.

As I’ve written before, to effectively use the 3-3-5 Defense you are just going to create fronts to stop your opponent. Its not about running 162 different blitz combinations. You only need a few calls that create the fronts you want.Versus the Inside Zone, I want to either avoid double teams (pretty tough in a 3-3-5 Defense) or or split double teams. By slanting our Defensive Line against the Zone blocking, we have the best chance to split those doubles.Stopping the Inside Zone

As long as we’re still working to split the double, the Offensive Line can’t get off to get to the Linebackers, and this is where I believe we stop the Inside Zone. If you have 3 Linebackers that are able to run free (not including the Outside Linebackers a.k.a. Overhang Safeties here) you should have no trouble stopping the play.Another thing that the Defensive Line can do to help out is to grab hold of Defensive Linemen who are trying to work off of them to the Backers. Nobody’s going to call it. It does require them sacrificing themselves for the purpose of making the play – hopefully your guys are willing to do that!


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