Defeating Blocks for Defensive Toughness

This is Step 5 of the 10 Steps to Creating a Tougher Defense, an on-going series where we look at 10 ways to improve the overall toughness of your team defense.

Step 1: Conditioning Your Defense for Toughness
Step 2: Building Toughness in the Weight Room
Step 3: Equipping your Defense to Play ToughStep 4: Tackling Angles for Tough DefenseStep 5: Defeating Blocks for Defensive Toughness
Step 6: High Intensity, Full Contact Football Practice
Step 7: Run a Tough Offense to Toughen your Defense
Step 8: Aggressive Play Calling for a Tough Defense
Step 9: Limited Contact Practices
Step 10: Award Tough Play on Defense

Making tackles means defeating blocks.

At least, if you’re playing someone who’s worth beating. Your guys are going to need to defeat at least one block to make a play.

Obvious for the Defensive Line, but just as true for Linebackers, Safeties and Corners.

Block Destruction Circuit

At least once per week, you want to work on defeating blocks with your players. Since they are going to need to defeat lots of different blocks from all sorts of positions, a circuit is the best way to accomplish this.Create drills that simulate what you’ll see in games. Use pads, sleds, other players, whatever is necessary and available. Be sure to point out where each drill is used in games.


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