Blitzing the Empty Formation

When you face an Empty formation, you have to make a decision – blitz the hell out of it, or sit back and wait on them.

There is no single right answer, but there is a right answer for you and your team. For me, it is usually to bring six rushers and lock on the rest in man coverage.

Why the Offense Uses Empty

A priority for your staff when you see Empty formations on film is to decide why they are using it, and who they use in it.Look at the Quarterback. If he is an athletic runner, they may be spreading everyone out to get him more room to run in.

Take a look at who is lined up at the receiver positions. Are there any non-factors, guys who you really have no concern about catching the ball? That may open you up to using a little more zone.

Do they motion to Empty? Do they motion in Empty, such as bringing a player across to take the hand-off on a Jet Sweep?Is this a significant part of their offense, or not?


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