Advantages of Quarters Coverage

I love using 2 high safeties because of the ability to disguise coverages and blitzes much more effectively. The disadvantage is being left with 7 guys in the box.

Quarters coverage is the best solution I’ve found, or at least the one I understand the best. Using the checks system you can get a good match-up and a numbers advantage no matter what.8 Advantages of Quarters Coverage

  1. Ability to have 8 and even 9 men in the box to help stop the run. Using the Read Check against 21 Personnel, the defense can get 9 men down in the box if both safeties are getting run reads. The back side safety helps with counter-reverse-bootleg responsibility, allowing the backside Linebacker to get on his horse.
  2. One Coverage Call. Sure you’ll have some other coverages, but Quarters is effective against any alignment, any situation.
  3. One Coverage Look. All of your checks, and even different coverages like Cover 3, will look the same pre-snap.
  4. Minimal Technique Changes. As you change the coverage call and checks, your defensive backs don’t have to change techniques every time. For example, the Safety will only play up at 8-9 yards (Read Check) or off at 12-14 yards (Alert Check). But we can run 4 or 5 other checks, where other players change their technique and the safety simply runs his Read or Alert responsiblity.

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