43 Defense Alignment

Let me get back to my roots, and my true beliefs. I believe in an even front defense, with 4 defensive linemen who are aggressively spilling the ball and forcing it to the outside. I believe in having 3 linebackers who can read and run and make plays. And I believe in having no less than 7 Linebacker/Strong Safety type kids playing on the field at any one time. 8 is great.43 Defense PersonnelOne true Defensive Linemen, he plays the 3-technique (outside shade of the Guard, on the strong side). One true Linebacker, he stacks behind the weak shaded Nose Guard. Nothing but a plugger, a gap filler.

Two Linebackers playing Defensive End. Running, busting people up, spilling the ball. Two big Strong Safeties playing Outside Linebacker, who can run and hit. Two Strong Safeties playing Safety. They can run, but they’d rather just hit. The Nose Guard is a wrestler. Whether he’s a heavyweight or 135 pounds, it doesn’t matter.Two corners. And an assistant who coaches them to do whatever it is they do.


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