5 Keys to Coaching Slant 3-4 Defensive Linemen

3-4 Defense FrontThere is not a lot of continuity among 3-4 Defenses. Some teams will use a shaded 3-4 Defense that ends up looking like an Even Front most of the time. Others use the common 4-0-4 alignment, and play a 2-Gap technique across the front.

But the most common 3-4 Defense that we see is the slant/angle 3-4 Defense. Developed from Michigan’s Slant-Angle 50 Defense in the late 1960s, the Defense is still effective today.

We are focusing on using technique in the 3-4 Defense, but you can use the same technique in any Odd Front like the 3-3-5 Defense or the 5-2 Defense. The same technique applies to your 6-technique Defensive End in a 4-4 or 4-2-5 Defense.

Keys to Coaching the Slant Technique

Do you want to be a penetrating defense or a reading defense? That is an important consideration. Some coaches simply teach to get in the gap and get up field to cause chaos. I can’t argue with that because so many teams have had great success. But I do believe there are better ways.


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