3 Football Offenses You Can’t Defend

I’m going to do another list. They’re easy to write and kind of fun, and I think this one could spark a little discussion. I’m going to talk about 3 Offenses that I do not like to see.

Defensive Coordinators tend to talk big whenever you present an offensive scheme to them. “Our defense is designed to stop anything!” But you’ve got to be good at something, and that’s going to leave you vulnerable in other places.

After all, we’re not playing Madden. Your guys can’t run every front, every coverage, and every blitz without ever having a mistake.

These are offenses that I don’t want to see, regardless of scheme. They’re offenses that, when I become a head coach, I’ll be considering running. And they are offenses that have probably hung a couple of TD’s on my teams in the past (there aren’t many offenses that haven’t).

So here they are – and yes, they are in order – three offenses that I just do not want to see when we get the next opponent’s exchange film…

3. Wing-T: A really well run Wing-T. Lining up in 100/900 or Red and Blue formations does not make it a Wing-T. Being able to drive your players nuts because, no matter what they do, they’re going to be wrong in 3 plays, that makes them a Wing-T.


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